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International Members (BCPA IP)

International Members are independent and have no formal role within the BCPA Board of the country where they are established. They liaise directly with the BCPA Governing Board. They provide / take support for the issues falling under the scope of the BCPA. International Members may participate in all events / activities organised by the BCPA. They shall get special access rights to the BCPA database. Each International Partner shall liaise with the BCPA Governing Board. They shall share data, statistics and other resources as mutually convenient.Whenever needed, they shall liaise with the BCPA Partner of the country they are established in to share information, participate/invite to training events and launch promotion campaigns. They shall adopt also the Bharatiya Counselling Psychology Association look and feel in at least one page of their website devoted to their participation in the Bharatiya Counselling Psychology Association initiative (e.g. “ad hoc” Bharatiya Counselling Psychology Association entry page, or tailored layout, etc.).

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