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BCPA Endorsement for Educational Programs / Courses / Workshops 

What is BCPA Endorsement?

Certification is awarded in recognition of a validated commitment to raising counseling standards through: international learning and exchange, respect for diversity, and the promotion of cross-cultural awareness. In many cases, counseling educators and leaders want to outwardly showcase their institution’s commitment to the international dimension of counseling. Many also wish to raise the appeal of their education program to potential. In addition, recognition by a prestigious national counseling body assists in bringing deserved, additional, credibility to high quality program. For BCPA, raising the Standard and quality of education programs nationwide, through awarding our endorsement, directly aligns with our central aim of advancing counseling nationally.

BCPA endorsement brings with it multiple benefits that go far beyond the enhanced status of successful certification. These include the creation of multiple opportunities for international collaborative research, networking, internship and exchange.

Value of   BCPA Endorsement

  •  Demonstrates Your Commitment to a High Quality in Counseling Education

  •  Elevates and Distinguishes your Program from Others

  •  Communicates Your Values to Students, Faculty, Partners  and Stakeholders

  •  Marketability - Of  Interest and Appeal

  • Highlights Quality of  Program

  •  Brand Value of   Prestigious Partnership with BCPA

  •  Low-Cost and User-Friendly Online Application

How to Apply for BCPA Endorsement

User – Friendly Application Process

In order to obtain BCPA certification, you must complete our application process. We have attempted to make the process as user-friendly as possible and it should take no longer that 30 minutes (in total) to complete. If you require any assistance please email:

  • Step 1: Become a BCPA Life Member. This is done through a simple two-step online process (Registration and Payment).

  • Step 2: Read a copy of the BCPA Certification Application Form (all details below) and gather PDFs of any materials (your program brochure, code of ethics you work to, other program certification held) that you may need to upload as part of the application process.

  • Step 3: Fill in the online BCPA Endorsement Application Form. The online form is available in the BCPA Member’s area of the website only. The member’s area can be accessed following completion of  Step 1 (Membership) above.

  • Step 4: Pay the certification application fee. This fee covers two full years from the date of certification. Finally, submit the application form.

  • Step 5: The review and approval process will be complete within one month of the date of submission. Your application will be approved or you will receive constructive feedback on how you might meet our criteria.

  • Step 6: If your application is approved, you will receive a high quality Downloadable BCPA Certificate PDF – customized with your Education Program’s details. Your Education Program will also be listed on the BCPA website as a BCPA Certified Program.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria?

General Eligibility: To apply, your Education Institute must be a provider of education programs in one or more of the following areas of BCPA Certification:

  • Counseling

  • School and Guidance Counseling

  • Counselor Educator and Supervisor Training

  • Mental Health / Well-Being

Application Form Questions (Specific Criteria)

The user-friendly online application form contains two sections (A & B).

Section A:

  • Basic Contact Information (Education Institute name, name of education program, contact person, email address, website, and postal address).

  • Program Description and Details: You are asked for a short description of your program and to advise of pre-existing local/regional certification (if any). PDF files can be uploaded at this point to support your application (e.g. program brochure, code of ethics to which the program subscribes, copy of local certification - if any).

Section B - Eligibility Criteria

  • This core section of the form contains nine questions and a space for the provision of further information (if any).

  • Questions one to eight are declarative (Yes/No answers). Questions nine and ten require elaboration and the online form contains space in which to provide text. All application form questions can be seen overleaf.

Application Form Questions

  1. Is there a demonstrable commitment to teaching about international developments in counseling? Yes/No (Please note: BCPA Institutional Membership is an example of commitment).

  2. Do you subscribe to the principles underlying the United Nations Declaration of   Human Rights? Yes/No

  3. Do you use the latest textbooks or other education materials? Yes/No

  4. Does your program allow for discussion and recognition of local or indigenous helping/healing counseling practices? Yes/No

  5. Do you promote inclusion and support diversity of students, and student families, from different religious and cultural backgrounds? Yes/No

  6. If Yes, please describe (up to 300 words) how this is promoted: Examples  might include: Faculty meetings include discussion of  relevant student support; having an  ‘Equality and Diversity’ statement; Equality based student recruitment practices; and  promotion of   the policy/practices at the Education Institution.

  7. Is there demonstrable commitment to the welfare of  students, including the international student experience in the classroom setting? Yes/No  If Yes, please describe (up to 300 words) how this is achieved: Examples  might include: Language supports; welcome and induction practices; mentor or “buddy” systems; having clear channels for discussion and support of   students; access to a welfare officer; and student counseling/psychological support services.

Additional Information: A space to add any further information or to give details of any plans for development of the international dimension of your programs is also provided.


Bharatiya Counseling Psychology Association

Application Fee

Certification is awarded for One/five Year period and cost is given below. Education Institutes must firstly become BCPA Education Institute Members. Membership costs 10000 INR per year and provides significant, separate, benefits to the Education Institute.

                                                                          Annual                                  5Year

 Application Fee for Founder Members          1000INR                               4000 INR

Application Fee for Life Members                   2000INR                               8000 INR

Application Fee for Non Members / Others    5000INR                               20000INR

Payment Methods

Payment is made at time of online application – by Credit Card through payment gateway.

Bank Transfers are also facilitated.

Please see all details in the payment area of the website Certification section.


 Your application will be approved or you will receive constructive feedback on how you might meet our criteria through re-application. First-time re-application is free of charge. If re-application is unsuccessful, half of the application fee will be reimbursed. Membership is unaffected by application outcomes.


  • BCPA is a non-profit organization and we attempt to keep certification fees to a minimum. Certification income contributes towards our operational and developmental costs.

  • Questions / Assistance? We are pleased to assist applicants with the application process. Please email: president.bcpa@ with any questions you may have.

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