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  • Dr Poonam Sharma

17th August - National Counselling Psychology Day

Foundation theme: “Counselling for Resilience & Happiness”

Foremost goal of the National Counselling Psychology Day is to raise awareness of the psychological well-being and impact of the daily life complexities on the overall wellbeing of the people across life span. This day envisions to synergise the contribution of all the counselling psychologists and other stakeholders working for the psychological well-being of the people across the world.The Day creates platform and provides an opportunity for all the counselling psychologists and other stakeholders working on the psychological well-being of the people to share their work and make the mental health services accessible to all. It is indeed a matter of great pride and pleasure for Bhartiya Counselling Psychology Association to propose and celebrate the National Counselling Psychology Day on 17th August every year.

There is an increasing need for mental health support and psychological counselling with life becoming more and more stressed. Recognizing Counselling Psychology Day raises mental health awareness and is a means of expressing BCPA's commitment to emotional well-being for all. On this foundation year of the first National Counselling Psychology Daystakeholders at their local institutional or individual level and whichever way you deem fit; Invited Lectures ,Panel Discussions, Debates, Workshops, Social Media Live, Competitive Events such as poster competition, etc initiate campaign on: Counselling for Resilience & Happy Living. Plan of these events with can be shared through email or WhatsApp, A wide publicity of the event on social media and local media platforms will add lot of value to the efforts. Also, use #BCPA #NCPA2021 #NationalCounselling PsychologyDay2021 and tag BCPA in all your social media posts related to the event.

Poonam, PhD Psychology

Vice President Bhartiya Counselling Psychology Association (BCPA)

Assistant Professor Amity Institute of Behavioural & Allied Sciences (AIBAS) Amity University Maharashtra 9702872251

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